How to make chocolate balls

You can give a pleasant surprise to your family making chocolate balls in some afternoon. Chocolate balls are very easy to prepare. Here’s what you’ll need.


2 eggs (battered in a separate bowl).
4 tablespoon of cocoa powder.
4 tablespoon of butter
8 tablespoon of sugar
2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1 packet of Marie biscuit

How to make chocolate balls

Put all the ingredients mentioned above except Marie biscuit in a frying pan. Turn the stove on. Stir the mixture for 5 minutes till the butter melts and the mixture becomes liquid-like sauce. After 5 minutes turn the stove off and put the mixture in a bowl to cool it in room temperature. Blend a packet of Marie biscuit and when it is blended like a powder, mix that to the mixture slowly and keep on stirring. When the mixture becomes a little hard and not oily, make them into shapes of balls and put them in a refrigerator to cool for an hour.

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