Essential techniques to troubleshoot electrical appliances

In most cases, electrical appliances stop working due to minor glitches either with the device themselves, or with the electric wiring. So, it is unnecessary to call a technician immediately. You should try to troubleshoot the device yourself without opening it apart. Technicians always follow a set of essential techniques to troubleshoot electrical appliances in order to find out whether it stopped working due to minor or major glitch.

Essential techniques to troubleshoot electrical appliances

1. Check whether there is electricity or not. If not then fix it.

2. Check whether there is proper voltage in your line: that is 220 (or 140 Volts). You can check that by plugging in a bulb’s wire into your power outlet. If it illuminates normally then the voltage is okay, if it is flickering, then there is a dropping of proper voltage. You have to wait for this until the voltage fixes.

3. Check the power cord for breakage or leakage, also make sure it is properly connected to the socket.

4. Check whether the device is turned on.

5. Check if the FUSE in your power outlet/strip is okay or blown out.

6. If the fuse is blown, check if the appliance is grounded or not. In this case, turn off the main switch. Fix the fuse with the appropriate fuse wire and hold a tester to the metallic portion of the device by switching it on. If the tester shows lights or the fuse blows again, it means the device is grounded. You need to call an experienced technician to repair it.

7. If everything stated above are okay, then check the catalog/manual for troubleshooting operations.

8. If your device is operated by remote control, be sure the batteries of remote are good and in working condition.

9. If your device has power supplied through circuit breaker, be sure about its working position and tripping position and you must know how to turn it on from tripping position. Try to turn it on. If your circuit breaker still trips, then your device has been grounded and you may have to call an experienced technician to fix it.

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