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Extra Earning, Extra Pleasure: Tips for Earning in Leisure: We should do something meaningful in our free time. Nothing goes like it, if we get pleasure and earn something in doing jobs of our interest in our p

Review of the Nokia 5233 Mobile Phone Set: If you ask me with whom I spend most of my time, the answer is with my mobile set Nokia 5233. Having this set with you is like having the whole world

Develop the Qualities to be a Successful Organizer: Organizers are the assets to the society. Human progress has been possible because of the roles played by the organizers. For their contributions we c

Why Shakespeare is so Famous Still Today: Shakespeare is the king in the realm of literature. How he could hold the superior position among the poets and writers is a mystery still today. His

Tips for Good Result in the Examination: Being meritorious does not ensure that you will secure good result in the examination. You must consider different factors related to achieving good r

Why and How to Write in BDTIPS: You should write in bdtips for a number of reasons. Whether you are a professional or a learner, you need to enhance your creative faculty and improve

How to Nurture Creativity among the Students: Creativity of students can be nurtured through instilling sense of wonder, encouraging drawing pictures, writing and doing problem-solving practice.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Use Humour in Everyday Life: Modern life is very complicated. We suffer from social and psychological pressure. Humor can help us to bring tranquility in our mind. In our literatu

Great Demand for Graphic Designers: Learn Adobe Illustrator: In job market, whether online or offline, there is a great demand of graphic designers. Adobe Illustrator is a software which will help you to be a gr

Television May Ruin the Life of Your Children: At last I could save my son, a student of class X, from the verge of ruining because of excessive TV watching. I and my wife were very much worried wh

Success in Workplace: Learn from Experience: Workplace is a sacred place from where we earn our bread and butter. It gives us financial security, helps us to boost up our self-esteem and provides

The Messages We Get from the Immortal Works of Rabindranath Tagore: We can submerge and invigorate our life in the sea of knowledge created by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. His immortal works have become an endle

Road to Prosperity: Tips for Getting Smarter: Smart people are liked by all, in friend circle or in work place. The word ‘smart’ links us with other qualifying words such as good looking, well ver