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What is BdTips

BdTips is a convenient platform for amateur article writers to engage and improve their writing skills. BdTips' mission is to inspire general internet users to write and share their knowledge. BdTips pays a little incentive to encourage web-addict generation toward constructive activities on net. BdTips does not only provide a platform to write, it also provides a networking platform for writers. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get started with BdTips. If you have other questions - don't hesitate to contact us.

Billing Related Questions

Why will Bdtips Pay me - it sounds Absurd: We understand that in Bangladesh and even in developed countries, Online Earning is generally regarded as a Scam! In fact, thousands of websites are trying to scam us by asking money for registration, or by demanding money to let you start earning with them, or by not paying you in the end. On the other hand websites that provide a real opportunity to earn are not rare either. Here in bdtips, we pay you for posting unique content (articles/tips/essays) written in good English.

How do I request my payment from BdTips: If you have published articles and your earning is at least BDT 500 USD 10, you can email us requesting your payment. Make sure your email contains:

a) ‘Requesting payment for my published articles’ in SUBJECT of your email.,
b) The Titles of the Articles for which you want to get paid.,
c) Mention your Bank Account Name and Number (if available).

How will Bdtips pay me and what is the Method of Payment: Bdtips will pay you either via PayPal, or deposit in your bank account, or recharge your cell phone service provider's credit.

Does send payment anywhere in the world: Yes, you can get paid from via PAYPAL regardless of your location. If you live in Bangladesh then you do not need PAYPAL account. We can pay you by depositting in your Bank Account (charges apply), or Mobile Balance Recharge.

When will I get my payment: To withdraw money, your Total Income (see MY INCOME) must be at least BDT 500 or USD 10. Once you have earned the withdrawable amount, and request for your payment, it may take us 7 to 14 business days to pay you.

How much will I earn from a single published article: At present, we offer a highest of BDT 80 or USD 1.0 per published article. Once you post an article, our reviewers will review it and they will classify your article as Grade A, or Grade B, or Grade C. BdTips will pay BDT 80 or USD 1.0 for Grade A content; BDT 60 or USD 0.75, BDT 40 or USD 0.5 for Grade B and Grade C content respectively.

However, your article earns the maximum amount in a given grade 30 days after it is published. This duration is important for us to check if your article is published anywhere else, or if a duplicate is found anywhere on web.

Common Questions

Can everyone earn from Yes, anyone with a good understanding and writing skills of English language can earn from BdTips.

How can I start earning from BdTips: Here is the process:

1) Sign Up

2) Sign In
3) Upload a genuine self-photograph and wait till BdTips approves your photograph.
4) Post an article/essay that is written in English by you and never been published anywhere.

How can I start having fun on BdTips: Here is the process:
1) Make friends on BdTips
2) Make them your special friends (this lets you exchange private emails)
3) Write on others' profiles.

How many articles/essays/tips can I submit each day: You can submit as many article/tips per day as you want. Remember, if you post copied material, or worthless contents - they will only put your BdTips a/c at risk of suspension.

How can I make sure that my articles will be published on By ensuring the following issues:
1. Your essay/article has no gramatical or spelling errors and written in good standard English.
2. Your essay/article is based on a good topic and contains thoroughly researched valid information.
3. Your essay/article does not contain any information racially, politically, or religiously senstive in nature, or harmful in any other ways.
4. Your essay/article is not less than 300 words or more than 3500 words.
5. Most importantly, your essay/article is originally written by you and never been published elsewhere.
How can I contact BdTips in person or over phone, where is its office: BdTips does not have any physical office. It is a completely online based organization. All employees and staffs of BdTips work online. Please click here to Contact Us.

Accounts related Questions

Can I have more than one account in No. While creating an account on BdTips, you provide personally identifiable information of yourself such as email, phone number, photograph of yourself. We never delete a user's information under any situation. So, you need not create more than one account.

Can I change my personally ideantifiable information on Bdtips: Yes. You can do it through ACCOUNT SETTINGS or PROFILE SETTINGS.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do: Click on SIGN IN, then click on picture of the LOCK.

I have forgotten my User ID. What should I do: Click on SIGN IN, then click on picture of the LOCK.

I have forgotten my User ID and password. What should I do: Click on SIGN IN, then click on picture of the LOCK.
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